8 Common Habits That Undermine Goal Achieving 

For decades, philosophers, mystics, psychologists and healers have been claiming that the reason we fail to achieve our goals lies inside us.
Although that statement may still cause controversy in certain circles and
even if in practicality, it isn’t as all-encompassing as it sounds, scientific research verifies that the influence we have over our lives is far greater than what we have been conditioned to believe.

For that reason, identifying and letting go of inner obstacles is not only one of the most profitable investments one can make but in fact, should be a way of life for anybody who is committed to health, success and self-realization.

Each one of the following habits is a common potential obstacle to goal achieving that can affect any area of your life. 

"Safe Mode"
Playing the game of life in the "safe mode" implies that you avoid taking risks. Instead of daring to challenge your current reality, you continue repeating the same patterns, which obviously award you with the same levels of achievement. The so called advantage of this strategy is that it creates a sense of stability and safety by "not rocking the boat".
Playing life in the "safe mode" serves you only if your current automatic patterns are resourceful meaning that they create satisfactory and healthy results. 

Bigger and better than me have said that the greater the risk- the greater the opportunity. If your current patterns support you to achieve your goals – you are definitely blessed. Most people fail to achieve at least part of their goals, implying that at least some of their automatic patterns are limiting.
The only way to improve your results is to move out of your comfort zones, take educated risks and modify the specific patterns associated with the results you're dissatisfied with.
2.Allowing Others to Run Your Life
In times of doubt, insecurity, lack of clarity and helplessness, allowing others to decide what's best for you can be extremely tempting.
Many people unconsciously and unintentionally turn over the management of their lives by appeasing others instead of following their truth, by listening to advice offered by incompetent and inexperienced people and by failing to set boundaries.
If you are committed to your goal, for better and for worse, make your own decisions according to what best serves you, set boundaries, stand behind your viewpoints and follow your inner truth.

3.Your Way or No Way
You set out to achieve a goal, you may even have a plan of action and things just don’t always go according to plan.
Life is full of ups and downs. This typical fluctuation reflects the on-going universal flow of energy. Sometimes you succeed others you fail. Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're sad. That's just how life is.
Insisting that things always go your way, getting all pushed out of shape when they don’t – if the perfect formula to failure.
If you're committed to achieving your goals, you must learn how to flow with the tide, stay focused and make the best of any situation. You're not going to get what you want all the time. In many cases, that is for the better. Setbacks have a way of re-directing us to options that are more effective and accurate. Instead of insisting that things always go your way – ask yourself what important insights setbacks may have in store for you and leverage them to your benefit.
4.Hanging On To What Limits You
It is inevitable that there will be things in your life that you will need to let go of. Hanging on to what no longer serves you is unnecessary and limiting. What has gone is gone and what is not there for you should not be a part of your life any more.
Other than in loss of loved ones, most of the things that we need to let go of are no loss at all. Ridding our lives of what no longer serves us, is the way our system monitors itself and redirects us to things that better serve and support us in alignment with our goals.
Hanging on to what no longer serves you blocks your ability to access the new potential, new options and new perspectives. Keep your focus on the present with one eye open to the future and let go of what is no longer there for you.

5.Failure to Learn The Lesson
In every life situation there is an underlying lesson that directs us to what we need to modify in ourselves in order to grow and realize our full potential. Lessons typically address aspects of ourselves that we need to either strengthen or moderate in order to maximize our achievements and experience well-being.
Unlearned lessons reoccur again and again, in various forms and variations. Every time we meet a recurrent lesson its intensity and severity rises.
When unpleasant things happen- ask yourself what the lesson is. What is it in yourself that you need to modify in order to prevent similar future situations.

6. Resentment and Negative Emotions
Resentment and other negative emotions pollute the entire system considerably inhibiting the potential for success, health and well-being. Even if you're a pro at suppression, suppressing emotions causes the accumulation of negative build-up in the body which significantly undermines healthy physical and emotional functioning.
Trying to achieve goals with a resentful attitude is like drinking poison and then waiting for the other person to die. It's not going to happen. To support your goals, let go of negative emotions, resolve emotional conflict and any other conflicts you have with people in your life.   
7.Self –Doubt & Low Self-Esteem
Low self-esteem causes us to expect failure. Failure then proves and re-enforces the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves.
If you don’t believe you can achieve the goals you set- don’t even try because you won’t achieve them. If you believe that your health condition is incurable- it will be and so on.
When you get up in the morning you have two options- one is to go back to sleep and continue dreaming about your goals, the other is to get out of bed and act on them. Instead of wasting valuable energy on doubts such as " am I good enough?", "will I succeed?", Do I have what it takes?"  get out there and act!
Make a point to take at least one action a day that advances you towards your goals. Focus on action not on internal doubtful conversations.
Wouldn't it be great if life processes had the speed of a fast –food line; minimum time span between order and delivery. Unfortunately, in most cases, healing and goal achieving act more like wine brewing – they take time to mature. 
The specific time span needed to achieve goals differs depending on the specific goal and other factor such as available resources, levels of motivation and determination, individual situations and the specific point in time.
In addition to causing unnecessary stress and impulsive decision making impatience takes all the fun out of process, causing it to seem even longer than it is. Trust your inner intelligence that knows how to guide you through your process in the shortest and most effective way. Be patient , tolerant and as flexible as possible.