Its a pleasure to meet you!

I'm Joan Jacobs. I was born in San Jose, California and immigrated to Israel in 1969 when I was eight years old. 

I grew up in a family of medical professionals, which to a great extent set the stage for my attraction to the medical fields. As a child, I easily absorbed the medical terminology, which was a part of my family's daily conversation. I was intrigued by the human body and it's mysteries of disease and health. I was also impressed by the despair and suffering of many around me.
My personal story, started when I was sixteen years old when I developed severe Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin disease which creates red and scaly lesions that can appear anywhere on the skin surface. In the midst of my adolescent years, and although the complete confidence I had in traditional medicine, I was told that there is no cure for Psoriasis and that all I could do was to learn to live with this disease.

There was no cure.  I was devastated.

I refused to accept the medical verdict and decided that I would do whatever it takes to find a way to heal myself.
Little did I know at the time, that this decision was to be the starting point of a fascinating personal journey, and also of my entire professional career.

I discovered CAM (Complementary-Alternative Medicine) when I was in my early twenties. At the time, I was a professional dancer. I immediately began an extensive study program. Simultaneously I began applying what I learned to my own life and health condition. 
As I deepened my knowledge and understanding of the principles of CAM and as I began to see the positive effects of the practices I learned on my own health condition, it became very clear to me that I wanted to make this knowledge available to as many people as possible.
 This was the onset of my professional career.

I spent many years studying various therapeutic and spiritual approaches and continue to study and explore them to present. I had the honor to work with the most amazing mentors, some of which inspire me until today.
I have been an active healer and teacher for the past thirty years, teaching in both academic and non-academic environments.
Holistic principles and tools inspired me to develop unique cancer recovery programs as well as programs for substance abuse victims and women's health and empowerment.
All of these programs had one basic theme in common; By changing what is going inside you, you can change what is going on in your body and in your life.

The revelation that reality is created from the inside out opened a whole new range of possibilities for me and initiated a personal journey which continues to bring me closer and closer to my authentic self.

I have learned from experience that realities can be altered by expanding what one perceives as possible and by awakening inner potential that was previously unknown and inaccessible.
By changing what was going on inside me, by developing new levels of consciousness and by awakening aspects of myself that I was unaware of, I literally changed my life.

You can do the same!

I now know for fact that true, profound and long lasting wellness can only be achieved by revealing and awakening the self and living by its truth.

I share the information in this website with sincere love and utmost appreciation for the beautiful person you are.

My wish is that you grow, flourish and thrive as you bring forth the very best in you.

My gift to you is the opportunity to initiate a personal journey that will take you well beyond the reality you are familiar with. The content in this website holds the potential to expand the way you experience yourself and literally transform your life.

Much Love,
Joan Jacobs