Body Intelligence 

A large part of the metastasis was extensive edema in the upper body.
The edema was spread out as islands of cancer cell secretion,
Most in the abdominal cavity.
It was not an option to remove it surgically because it was so spread out
And of fear to cause damage to internal organs.
Her thirty two years experienced oncologist said,
That chances are that the body will gradually absorb the fluid
But that it will take a year to two years .
Until that happens there was no other solution other than
To continue the cancer protocol and deal with the pain associated with the edema
And sixth month type bloated stomach.
Three months into the biological and hormonal treatments,
Administered unrelated to the edema,
A pouch, the size of a hand, filled with sticky fluid
Was detected in the lower abdomen.
The oncologist had never seen anything like it before,
Where the body concentrates the edema in an organized pouch
And advised puncturing the pouch and draining the fluid out.
This woman was so amazed by the body's intelligence,
Mainly its ability to self-heal in the quickest and most effective way,
She asked the oncologist to not puncture the pouch
Totally confident and trusting the body's natural ability to dissolve the pouch.
And so it was.
The body absorbed the edema and dissolved the pouch within only one month.  
This story is a true story of a student of mine.
She was so excited by the body's intelligent self-healing mechanisms,
She asked me to write an article about body intelligence.
Here it is.
Body Intelligence 

There is no question that the body is one of the most sophisticated and clever living systems in nature. Trillions of processes occur simultaneously in the body, without us needing to do anything or even be aware of what's going on inside us.
These processes create all the enzymes, proteins, hormones and other substances needed for proper body functioning. To ensure optimum functioning, these processes must be accurately synchronized. Substances must be produced in specific amounts and reach specific cells at a specific time.
Something must synchronize and supervise all of this!

Depak Chopra said many years ago that the body is just too intelligent to be governed only by chemical processes. There must be something deeper, more significant that ensures that all the body functions occur with the accuracy needed for proper functioning.

What is that "something"?
What is that something that is so smart that facilitates the impressive body complexity?
What is Body Intelligence and how does it work?  
When you think of your body, you probably think of solid structures like muscles, bones and skin. You probably do not think about cells or atoms and definitely not about particles or waves.
When you're ill, you also think in physical terms: you have a sore throat, a headache, a tumor and so on. I doubt for example that a diabetes patient would say something like: "My Beta cells are not functioning"- right?
For many years scientists thought that, the operating mechanism is in the genes.
Eric Landers, a pioneer in the human genome project said that the project created a list of pieces without telling us what the pieces do and how to connect them to create something useful. For that, he said, you need an information template.
The physicist Anton Zeilinger said that information is the deepest reality in the universe.

Theoreticians at the spearhead of science see information as the organizing factor in nature and the force that creates systems. Accessing information as a system is gradually changing the face of biology and medicine.  
The field of biology is moving away from substance research, to the research of fields, energies and information and how these direct life.
Scientists still don’t know how fetal stem-cells know how to divide into specific type cells such as liver cells, heart cells, muscle or nerves cells.  Where do the cells get their information from?
Biochemistry and genetics are not providing sufficient answers, because the processes they provoke need information.
The Information template is beyond atoms and genetics- it is in the energy field, or in the language of physics – the quantum field.
When peeling the body from macro to micro, one moves from the physical to the mental and emotional realms and then to the sub-atomic realm – the realm of energy. As one deepens the exploration into the body layers, molecules and atoms become particles and waves, which are dynamic whirlpools of energy. At this level, structures such as the brain, the blood or bones become an invisible force, fields that are the foundation of all substance.

In our daily routine, it's hard to see where particles are relevant to us, however, science has demonstrated unequivocally that at the most fundamental level- we are energy.

Also, if in the past the body was seen as a self-regulating machine, independent of thought or feelings, today it is crystal clear that thought and emotion have a crucial influence on the functioning of cells, organs and the immune system.

It has become clear that the body is governed not only by laws of chemistry, but rather by laws of energy. As Fred Alan Wolf, PhD in Physics at UCLA phrased it in the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know": The only way to interpret all the finding of the last few decades, is that there is a higher intelligence that governs everything".
Therefore, in order to understand "Body Intelligence" one must understand the fundamental principles that govern energy or as it is know: the vital force.
The Vital Force – Energy 
Energy is a force that facilitates and motivates all living processes and is what gives life to substance. It is an intelligent force with self-regulating and self-healing properties as well as the ability to hold and transmit information.
The physical body is directly linked to the energy field, without which, the body is just a pile of useless, lifeless tissue. Chemical processes govern the physiological aspects but energy is what motivates, directs and facilitates chemical processes.

Energy Law #1: The Perpetuation and Preservation of Life 
In the human entity, energy promotes harmonious functioning of all body aspects, just as a conductor leads the orchestra to play a synergetic composition.
It's important to remember that the body's self-healing capacities, to a great extent rely on physical mechanisms and their ability to restore balance in time of crisis. When the body is significantly compromised, the law of life preservation may not overcome the body's weakness, in which case the person will pass away.

Energy Law #2: The Strive For Balance
In order for the body to function properly, the energy flow must be balanced.
When energy is out of balance- disease develops.
In states of imbalance, the energy system does what it can to restore balance in the easiest and most efficient way, as it relies on the body's physical self-healing mechanisms to restore balance on the physical realm.
When optimal balance is not possible, the energy system creates compromises that often include chronic physical symptoms, which it sees as preferable over no life at all.

Body intelligence is the knowledge and ability to simultaneously motivate a myriad of complex processes, with outmost synchronicity and coordination in the easiest and most effective way, with the intention of preserving life and the strive for balance.
Body intelligence is apparent in the various human realms in accordance with the principles that govern each realm.

Given that the energy field deals with an unlimited combination of possible situations, the solutions it may come up with are infinite. With that, they always reflect the strive for balance and life preservation.

Getting back to my student's story, concentrating the edema in an organized pouch was in fact indication of body intelligence, even if it was influenced or supported by the hormonal treatment. It decreased the threat to internal organs and facilitated easier and more effective drainage.

The fluid and the pouch dissolved within only one month, not within a year or two as the oncologist predicted.

One last comment: with thirty years experience behind me, I have no doubt that the confidence and trust this woman had in her body's self-healing capacity, was a huge contribution in the creation of the pouch. Often, people who encounter severe disease loose trust in their bodies and feel that their body betrayed them, an attitude that significantly weakens the body.

Remember! The body hears your thoughts. Love and support your body by thinking empowering and positive thoughts using words of trust, confidence and encouragement. If you trust the body – body intelligence could conceivably surprise you.