Messages From The Soul 

I know how debilitating and frustrating chronic health conditions can be. I was there myself.

I also know that you’ve read many healing and self-help books and have probably found them useful to varying degrees. 

With soooooo many books out there, that present such a vast variety of approaches, methods, theories and advice, many people are overwhelmed and confused as to how to know which method is the right one for their condition. 

I couldn’t agree more!

That’s exactly the reason I decided to write a SHORT, CONCISE & EASY-TO-APPLY book that would clarify the main principles of holistic healing and also provide structured recommendations and full scripted texts for smooth and easy application.

A provocative and eye opening approach to what is missing in modern medical health care accompanied by very practical tools for application.

In this book Joan Jacobs reveals the fundamental questions she confronts her clients with and the issues she addresses as a means to provoke profound healing. 

Based on 30 years of clinical healing and teaching experience, Joan Jacobs guides you through a structured process of self- reflection using a series of questions that doctors are not trained to ask but that could significantly boost recovery from chronic disease of all kind. In some real clinical cases these questions have literally saved lives.

Whether in conjunction with or separate of medical protocols, addressing the questions in this book will give you a completely new perspective on your health challenges and will help you activate the body’s self-healing resources in the most imaginable practical terms. 

The book is full of true story case examples and a follow-up diary template for documenting the process as you go along.

10 Critical Questions Your Doctor Will (Probably) Not Ask You 

Beyond Doubt - Unleash The Healing Power of Self-Esteem 

With thirty years' experience and thousands of people I helped achieve health, success and self – realization, I am convinced that the one most significant cause of the failure to realize one's self is low self – esteem.

People live with much less than what they want, less than what they need and less than what they're worthy of because they don’t have an inner voice telling them they can have what they want!


In Beyond Doubt you'll discover how to build unbeatable self – esteem that will allow you to make your dreams come true, achieve your goals and lead your life resourcefully