“After Months of Hip Joint Pain, Hours After I Started Taking Bach Flower Remedies, The Pain Went Down Considerably. Unbelievable!” Dr. Batzir

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I know how debilitating and frustrating chronic health conditions can be.
I’m sure you’ve tried many different approaches and methods, some of which may have been affective and others less so.

I realize that you may be fed up, exhausted or discouraged. In fact, you may think that there is nothing you haven’t tried and nothing else that can be done.
 Well let me tell you- I thought so too until I understood the direct connection between my emotions and what was going on in my life to what was going on in my body.

By resolving old emotional conflicts and learning how to handle my emotions in resourceful ways I was able to get a serious case of chronic disease completely under control.
 I’m also a lot more able to deal with the situations in my life in ways that support and empower me which is another huge benefit I gained from the process..

If you too are looking for a new way of addressing disease, a new perspective and new potential for true long-term healing-
read on….
The Emotional Connection
Scientific findings demonstrate a direct bio-chemical and neurological correlation between unresolved emotional conflict and cell functioning. What this means is that your emotions, specifically how to deal with your emotions, directly affects the way your body functions.

All body systems are affected by emotions, the most significant to the development of disease is the immune system. Positive emotions strengthen the immune system whereas negative emotions weaken it, creating vulnerability to disease.

Suppressed emotions are stored in the body at the cellular level disrupting normal cell activity which is a main cause in the development of disease. By identifying, resolving and releasing the emotional charge from past and present emotional conflict, normal cell activity is restored and the way to healing is opened.

 Without resolving the related emotional content-the core source cause of disease remains unaddressed resulting in a much lower chance of experiencing true long term healing.
That’s a lot of hard work that will take a long time….

Not at all!
As complex as the emotional connection may sound, accessing old stored emotions at the cellular level is actually quite simple and easy to do.
Different from talk therapy, emotional healing is focused on pin-pointing core source issues and releasing them using visualization methods and homeopathic remedies.

The process is more like removing loads and loads of old baggage creating a tangible shift in both your emotional and physical condition.
Once the release of old emotional conflict is complete the focus is on acquiring healthy emotional skills that will ensure that you handle future emotionally charged situations resourcefully.

But I’m under-going medical treatment….
 Other than in some cases of psychiatric medication, emotional healing can be applied in conjunction with as well as separate from medical treatments of all kinds.
 As part of the intake you will be asked about your medical history, medical treatments, medication and other medical information.
If for any reason your situation is not suitable for emotional healing I will tell you so.
“I always knew that it’s important to meet the right people in life…
I came to you broken over my father’s death. I searched for help for an entire year. I went to psychologists’ talked to friends and family but nothing helped.
I was very skeptical when I came to you but after the first session I felt something different. You were so focused, professional and thorough…
Change came very fast. I’m sleeping better, I learned to accept and live with my loss. I am truly excited. I thank you for the journey, for the listening and for the truth you introduce in who you are.” Miri
"I consulted Joan following a prostate operation and was suffering from significant enuresis. I was terrified that the enuresis will never stop. I was also dealing with a severe financial crisis that occurred simultaneously. Fear of the unknown was overwhelming. I was paralyzed. I couldn't think straight, make decisions or function in a normal way.
3 sessions that included deep and penetrating questions + remedies had me back to full functioning in less than 24 hours. The fear and overwhelm disappeared. The Enuresis deceased by 90% within a week, even though the medial prognosis was that it would take between 2 months to a year. Thank You !" Itzhak
“I’ve been noticing so many new things… I’ve been saying things that I never used to say, mainly not willing to jeopardize my truth. Amazing !” Miki 
“As someone who processes everything through the mind and needs everything to be logical, intellectually understood and preferably scientifically based, I found myself in a fascinating, very moving process that both required and facilitated real change.” Maya
"I was a mother determined to find help for my son suffering from post traumatic shock. With emotional wounds recent and raw he was not willing to talk with anyone outside family. Even though she was on the other side of the world I thought of Joan and decided she may be able to help. Following each of two sessions, with no interaction on my son's part, I noticed marked improvement in his attitude after three months of no progress." Eileen
"Throughout the period when I was going through severe anxiety attacks the sessions and specifically the Bach Flower remedies helped me considerably to relax and maintain a sense of control over my life". Dorit 
"I  was in treatment for over a year and for the most part was very skeptical. With that I was very pleased with the results and had to admit the connection to the sessions. Since then I have recommended this type of therapy to many of my friends and also took the training course. It was one of the most beautiful gifts that I could have given myself."  Michal
"I  was angry, uptight and suffered from a combination of physical symptoms. Most of all I was skeptical. When I had to choose between surgery or taking plant based remedies, I chose the remedies believing that I would live to regret the financial investment.  I started feeling change very quickly. I cancelled the surgery and continued the treatment to full recovery. As an former skeptic , when I come across skeptics I warmly recommend they simply give it a try."  Iris
 "Thanks to the treatment I understand the connection between my physical and emotional states. I learned how to respond, act and relate differently to my emotions. Although I was very skeptical, I took Bach Flower remedies. Now I think that the remedies combined with the self reflective journey I did is what created the remarkable results." Gila
 "I was barely functioning, heavily medicated, and had an almost nil quality of life. I sought help everywhere, but neither conventional nor alternative medicine had any solutions for my problems.
Being skeptical by nature, it took serious bargaining to get my consent to give the process a fair chance. Joan decided to accept the challenge (That would be Me!).
During a period of some 18 months I was gently coaxed (but firmly pushed) out of my comfort zone, to learn about the processes that govern my life and my body. Since then, my health has improved, crippling symptoms now gone, and I have the freedom to pursue whatever happiness awaits ahead." Haim
 "The sessions with Joan seemed, at first free-flow, but then I realized that she was guided and guiding the conversation in a very specific way. I got insights I had never, ever had before – not in over 20 years of exploring it in various ways."
"Joan prescribed a Bach Flower remedy, and gave me the clarity to release pursuits that do not serve me. My stress levels are way down. I’m able to approach big stressors  with a sense of power, rather than fear and hopelessness."
"Working with Joan is a calming experience in and of itself. I highly recommend Joan to anyone who is coping with compulsive, addictive behaviors. She can give you the keys to unlock your own inner healing power." Esti 
“In one session with one or two carefully chosen questions Joan guided me to a finer and more nuanced understanding of myself, my principal problem and its possible solution. Joan's sympathy and empathy allied to a deep knowledge and understanding of the human condition has helped me in both my personal and professional lives. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough.” Anthony
Online Consultations are an easy and accessible way to get guidance from experts.
Consultations provide clarity and  insights that will help you make educated decisions regarding the holistic aspects of your health condition. 

Knowing what themes to focus on and where to put your healing efforts saves valuable time and money and can considerably reduce suffering.

All online consultations are 1 hour long and are done via Skype
You must have a Skype account and user name.
You can download Skype and create a free account at: www.skype.com

What to Expect From Your Online Consultation?

A Comprehensive Intake
This includes a full intake of your physical, mental and emotional symptoms, individual experiences and the history of your condition.

Full Holistic Case Analysis
Your  symptoms will be analyzed and prioritized using holistic diagnostic methods so you’ll understand the chronology of the development of your symptoms and also the specific connection between your emotional and physical conditions.

Recommendations to the Best Course of Action
You will be given recommendations as to the specific approaches and modalities that best suit your condition.

Not in all cases will I necessarily be the right professional for your needs, in which case I will refer you to the approaches and modalities that I believe best suit your condition. You will then need to find a practitioner in your area.

In cases where to my best discretion online therapy is an option, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you so you can make the most educated decision possible.

Therapy session fees are not included in the preliminary consultation fee and will be discussed separately.

* All consultations are 100% confidential

Your Special Offer
Usually online sessions go for anywhere between $150-$600 an hour.

I know how hard it can be to make that kind of investment especially when you’re unfamiliar with the process and basically adventuring into new territory.

I also know how effective these methods are and have seen them work time and time again for the past 30 years. 

I really want to give you a fair opportunity to benefit from a full professional intake that will guide you to the issues that need to be addressed as part of your healing plan which is why

I’ve decided to offer a special 35%  discount on all online consultations 

Your Special Offer
$180 for a 1 hour Initial Intake Consultation
(instead of the regular $280  )

How Do I Schedule A Consultation?

1. Send an email to support@joan-jacobs.com requesting to schedule an online consultation
Please include your location or time zone
2. You will receive date & time options along with a PayPal payment request
3. You confirm the date & time most suitable and complete payment
4. Skype session is held as scheduled 

*All online consultations must be paid for before holding sessions


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