Emotional Healing

While lecturing in New Jersey a few years ago, one of the women raised her hand and asked me if I really think that what’s going on in her life had anything to do with the arthritis she was suffering from.

 It was then that I fully understood that although most of us intuitively know that our emotions affect our bodies, this intuitive understanding is not sufficient to clarify the importance of emotional healing whether in conjunction with or separate of medical protocols.

Following are common questions regarding the contribution of emotional healing to recovery from chronic health conditions and to resolving many other emotional issues related to relationships, career, finances and others.

How Do I Know If My Condition Has Emotional Aspects ?
All physical conditions have emotional aspects to them. Some conditions are associated with deep past emotional wounds and others with more recent states but all conditions have an emotional aspect.
What is Emotional Healing?
Emotional healing addresses the emotional component of physical health conditions by identifying, resolving and releasing the emotional charge from specific emotionally charged events.

What are the Benefits of Emotional Healing?
  1. Higher probability for recovery from chronic and life threatening disease
  2. Higher probability of stabilizing incurable health conditions
  3. Enhancement of medical protocol efficiency
  4. Reduction of the need for chemical medications
  5. Higher quality of life
  6. Ability to deal resourcefully with emotionally charged situations
  7. More positive attitude to life
  8. Stronger sense of control over one’s life

Does Emotional Healing Suit Me and My Condition? 
Following is a list of conditions that have been known to respond very well to emotional healing:
  1. People with chronic disease
  2. People recovering from life threatening disease
  3. People dealing with negative emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, excess worrying and others.
  4. People dealing with fear and anxiety
  5. People dealing with trauma and post traumatic syndrome
  6. People dealing with unhealthy relationships
  7. People dealing with addictions and emotional eating
  8. People dissatisfied with their life
 Is Emotional Healing Scientifically Proven?
Scientific findings demonstrate that emotions directly affect the body through bio-chemical and neurological connections. Suppressed emotional trauma is stored in the body tissue, negatively affecting the functionality of the specific physical area, making it vulnerable to the development of disease.

Emotional trauma is stored in the information system. Regardless of the time when the original trauma occurred,  as long as the trauma continues to be registered as such, it will continue to create related physical symptoms. Physical symptoms can be associated with trauma that occurred many years before the onset of disease which makes it hard to identify the connection.

If you recall what you had for breakfast, assuming that nothing traumatic happened during breakfast, you will not have a problem remembering what you ate but there will no particular emotional impact associated with the memory and your report will be laconic and concrete.
If during breakfast you had a very upsetting phone call, when you go back in your memory to that particular meal, the memory will be accompanied by significant emotional charge because the emotions you experienced during breakfast will still be active.

How Do I Identify the Specific Emotions Associated With My Condition?
There are two ways to identify the emotional theme that needs healing:
1.Identify the main sensation associated with the physical condition and look for the same sensation on the emotional level.
for example: if your condition is creating a sensation that feels like your body is about to burst, look for an emotion that is creating the same type of sensation.

2.Look for the obvious. Identify the main issues and conflicts in your life and start by addressing them.

Is Emotional Healing Safe?
Emotional healing is as safe as any other type of healing and must be performed by certified and experienced professionals. When performed as such, the short and long term health benefits are tremendous.

What About Medical Protocols?
Emotional healing is safe and effective in conjunction with or separate of medical protocols. In no way shape or form does emotional healing clash or contradict medical treatments or other complementary healing methods. On the contrary. The efficiency of other treatments is significantly enhanced when incorporating emotional healing.

In What Way is Emotional Healing Different from Psychological and Other Talk Therapies?
Emotional healing addresses emotional trauma and conflict at their core source which is in the energy- information body field therefore it is able to uproot the core source.
Other therapies do not necessary address emotional issues at this depth.

What is Unique About Your Approach to Emotional Healing?
Most emotional healing puts emphasis on expressing emotions teaching a variety of expression methods.
My emphasis is on managing emotions in the body.
The body, particularly the nervous system knows how to de-charge emotional build up.
By allowing emotions and related sensations to exist and applying a specific breathing method, the emotional build up is directed to the nervous system where it can be de-charged and released from the body.
Expressing emotions verbally doesn’t release the build from the body’s cells and tissues.

I encourage people to legitimize all emotions and teach them how to de-charge emotional build up in the body. This considerably reduces the need for emotional expression and for dysfunctional behaviors such as eating disorders, addictions, depression and many others which serve as unhealthy coping mechanisms that blur sensations and shut down emotions.

 What Should I Expect?
Initial Intake
This session is devoted to collecting all the info I need to give you a professional assessment of your condition and recommendations for a healing plan.
At  the end of this session you will have a totally new perspective of your condition and you’ll know exactly what needs to be addressed for your body to heal and recover.

The Healing Process
In the healing process I use a variety of modalities, depending on individual needs.
Some of these methods incorporate guided visualization and behavior modification techniques.
I usually recommend Bach Flower Essences because they support the process of change in between sessions.
1.Negative feelings such as fear, anxiety, pain, anger and guilt are resolved and released. You will no longer experience them.
2.Physical healing
3.Better response to medical treatments
4.Stronger stamina and better overall health and well being
5.Higher self-management skills and higher ability to deal resourcefully with your life  situations

How Will I Know that I’m Healed?
There are a few ways to determine results:
1. Improvement or resolution of related physical condition
2. Improved ability to deal resourcefully with emotionally charged situations
3.Improved ability to deal with life situations
4.Ability to choose emotional responses instead of being managed by habitual response mechanisms
5.Healthier and more satisfying relationships
6.Happier and more fulfilling experiences
7.Improved self- realization
8. Inner peace

How Many Sessions will I Need?
The number of sessions needed to resolve a health condition varies according to the following criteria:
1.The specific health condition
2.How long you’ve had the specific condition
3.Personality factors particularly how easily you integrate change
4.Unpredictable factors: things that happen during the process that highly affect your focus and inner resources
5. Degree of motivation and commitment

Can I Heal Myself?
Yes and no. There are many practices that can be learned and performed without the assistance of a professional healer. With that, it is my experience that working with a healer has many benefits one of them being that it is very difficult to be objective about yourself and your life. Having an objective individual map out your information is in my eyes, extremely valuable. A healer can also support you through difficult times as you confront and release the emotional content you’re cleansing.

Will I learn How to Manage My Emotions in a Healthier Way in the Future?
My work is very much focused on teaching tools for healthy self-management. Obviously I can’t comment on other healer’s work style. I agree that learning healthy self-management tools should be part of the healing process.

Will I Necessarily Need Bach Flower Remedies?
Using the Bach Flower remedies is an option that I usually advocate. Their benefits are vast and significant not only to advancing the process but also to making it more time and cost effective.  Using the Remedies is not mandatory by usually highly recommended.
Where can I purchase remedies?
Bach Flower Remedies can be purchased in health food stores or homeopathic pharmacies.