Fate- The #1 Obstacle to Self-Awareness

There is something very misleading and incomplete in the concept that thought creates reality. Not that this statement is incorrect, but at the fundamental level, reality is created by processes much more extensive and complex than just thought.

The main power of the popularity that this concept has seen in the past few years  is that it initiated a process of introspection and directed more people inward to search for the causes of reality inside instead of outside themselves.

For many people reality is dictated by forces other than their own therefore out of their control. This approach advocates that there are various givens that are out of the reach of individual influence or choice. When individuals are subjected to forces outside of themselves they call it fate. Fate implies that there is a higher force or plan that creates reality and as a result, there is nothing one can do to change it.

In actuality, the relationship between the external and internal environments is as structured and predictable as a mathematical equation. The external environment is an accurate reflection of the inner environment meaning that what’s going on in ones’ life 
is a precise representation of what’s going inside them, only in physical form.
The scientific base demonstrating this correlation is research of the body field and its intrinsic properties as well as research addressing new models of biology and psychology.

Just to mention a few factors: 
1.The body energy field is an electro-magnetic field which attracts other energies compatible to its specific frequency.

2. The body field constantly registers everything that is going on in and outside the being therefore it contains all the individual mental, emotional and spiritual information. This information is integrated into the field affecting what it attracts from the outside.

3.One of man’s most fundamental needs is security and stability, achieved by establishing direct correspondence between inner and outer environments. When what’s going on in one’s life is identical to one’s belief systems and values, a sense of stability is installed.

4. Biochemistry: biochemical processes are highly affected by nutrition and emotions. Easy to understand how unhealthy nutrition and negative emotions can undermine the body’s ability to maintain itself in a state of health.
The only way to master this concept in practicality is to place the two environments one next to the other and look for the parallels. Whether you investigate from the inside out or the outside in, ultimately you’ll find that although the way things manifest varies, the underlying themes are identical.

In order to actually identify the underlying themes one must be willing to observe one’s inner processes in utmost sincerity or on other words be “aware”. When you’re operating on automatic, meaning without awareness, there is very little chance of identifying the inter-relationship between the two environments and zero chance of gaining any type of control over your life or of integrating change.
So fate is a term that satisfies the need to explain reality without actually becoming aware of what’s going on inside on the mental, emotional or spiritual levels of the being. It exempts people of the need to become responsible for their life and for the most part creates helplessness and self-victimization. 

True awareness means not only that the correlations between the internal and external environments are identified and recognized after the manifestation of results but that one “sees” how results are being created in the process of creation.
Developing true awareness is easier said than done, not only because it requires courage and integrity but also because the term “internal environment” covers a wide range of processes, some of which are very hard to identify.

With that, developing self-awareness, bringing internal processes to the surface, making them conscious can and should be done. With all the challenges involved developing self –awareness is a fascinating and intriguing process rewarded by a new sense of control, new understanding and the ability to create healthier and more resourceful realities.