Resilience On-The-Go

When faced with physical or emotional challenge, resilience is the number one factor.
With roots in basic physiology and science in this lecture I discuss easy and effective ways to cultivate and maintain physical and emotional resilience in crisis situations as well as in everyday life as a means to promote better health, wellness and peak personal performance.

Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Crisis Situations 

The average western lifestyle is far from supportive of tranquility, serenity or peace of mind.
The effect this has had on the prevalence of both physical and mental health conditions is disturbing and highly disconcerting. In this very practical and down to earth lecture we discuss how to deal with stress and anxiety in healthy ways so as to maximize functioning and performance and minimize the ill effects on our health and wellness.

I’m Doing All The “Right Things” – Why Am I Sick?

Usually when people say they’re doing “the right things” they mean that they eat healthy food and they exercise. Frustration when health issues develop is fully understandable. However, the interconnectedness between body and mind is direct and powerful therefore overlooking the emotional aspects can be the underlying missing piece. In this fascinating lecture I introduce the emotional world and how it effects the body, how to identify specific emotional issues associated with specific physical symptoms, why people find it so challenging to address their emotional issues and what need to be done to break the glass ceiling of healing.    

Which is a Bigger Health Hazard – Negative Bacteria or Negative Emotions?

The interconnectedness between body and mind is much more powerful and significant than what most people believe. In this fascinating science-based lecture that presents compelling clinical evidence I introduce the biological connections between our physiology and psychology and how they are involved in the development of disease and chronic pain. We learn how to regulate ourselves emotionally to minimize the negative effect on the body so that health and wellness may be restored. 

Emotional Therapy – The missing Link in Medical Protocols  

Dealing with chronic and life-threatening disease requires significant emotional resources and stamina. But it is in these times that we are overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, hopeless, worry, guilt and other negative emotions that weaken the immune system and undermine recovery. In this lecture we learn how to reconnect and maintain emotional stamina that supports the body in its journey of healing.

Other than in Israel, all lectures are held online. 
Lectures can be easily tailored to address individual preferences.  

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