"Letting Go" – Easier Said Than Done

If you have ever done any kind of introspective work, you probably came across the term "to let go".
Let go of your past…Let go of what holds you back….Let go what is not your
truth… and so on.
Who would turn down such a tempting proposition?

But how does one "let go of one's past"?
Is it actually smart to collect your entire past into a sack and throw it into the big black hole? I'm not sure about that..

For starts, the past cannot be erased.
Past events are registered in the energy system and in memory cells.
Unless you experience severe head injury –
your memories and here to stay!

The on-going negative affect associated with the past are not the factual memories, but rather the emotional charge associated with the factual memories.
Negative events are registered in the energy system together with the emotions, the beliefs and coping mechanisms that developed as a result. These three elements are stored as patterns called blueprint.

Emotional blueprint patterns are stored deep within the sub-conscious mind and are activated automatically in any situation that associatively reminds us of the core source past event.

Past memories can be awakened by things people say to us, things we see,  people that for some reason arouse the memory, smells and tastes and any other stimuli.
The fact that emotional blueprint is activated automatically causes you to react in the present as if you are in the past. That is so, even if the core source event occurred decades ago and although you probably acquired much more effective coping skills since then.  

When I was eleven years old I wanted a bicycle. I was passionate about having a bike. A month or two before my birthday, my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Obviously, I said: "a bike". Three days later, my mom got back to me saying that buying a bike is going to be impossible because there were a lot of extra expenses that month.

 I can't begin to describe my disappointment. I felt as though my whole world collapsed on me ( don’t forget that we're talking about an eleven year old's perspective). The sense of disappointment was so immense I decided that I would never ever ask anybody for anything. "I'll get what I want by myself"!

Based on this particular disappointment, I concluded that expecting things from people entails disappointment. To avoid future disappointment, I decided to refrain from asking, not to mention from expecting. For many years, well into my adult years, I could not ask for help - from anyone.

Every time the option of asking for help went through my mind, the blueprint saying "asking causes disappointment" was automatically activated causing me to refrain. As a result, I acted in adulthood as if I was still an eleven year old.
Just to finish off the story I will add that on my birthday, my parents surprised me with a brand new bicycle. The "extra expenses" story was a distraction to enhance the surprise. Even so, the blueprint was integrated and continued to manage me for many years.

If you have failed to let go of unpleasant memories unti now – do not despair!
It is not because you did not try hard enough or because something is wrong with you. You failed to let go of past memories because memories cannot be let go of. Period.

What you can do is de-charge the emotional charge associated with memories. Emotional de-charge is not like letting go of a butterfly you hold in your hand, where it flies away and disappears. De-charging emotional charge means that the memory becomes more neutral. Neutral memories have a minor effect on us. De-charging emotional charge is a relatively simple process, done using visualization sequences.
But there are two additional problems with the all-encompassing recommendation to "let go of your past".

The first problem is that past events have a significant role in our personal growth. Past events are an inexhaustible resource that helps us identify the aspects of ourselves that we need to enhance or restrain to expand who we are and how we bring ourselves forth in the world. If you could actually let go of your entire past, you would be left with no inner reference to learn from.

The second problem is that in some cases, blueprint patterns we consider limiting can serve us. They can prevent us from moving in inappropriate directions, or from taking action that is too extensive, too fast or premature.

Before you let go of things, you should examine them closely, preferably with the assistance of a more objective person than yourself and seriously consider if letting go of a given blueprint pattern will serve or limit you.

I agree that letting go of what is limiting you is an essential aspect of inner healing. With that, you should consult a professional who can examine your blueprint patterns in the context of the overall inner dynamics and help you identify the patterns that should be de-charged and those that should not.  

Most Important!
1.Strive to let go of limiting blueprint patterns. Be content with doing the best you can.
2.Avoid a sense of failure, guilt and self – condemnation if you have been unable to let go of your past until now.
3. Find a reliable professional that can walk you through the process so that letting go is as easy and effective as possible.