My Approach to Healing

My work is strongly rooted in the work of Dr. Edward Bach, Dr. Candice Pert, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Wilhelm Reich and many others that demonstrate scientific and clinical correlation between mind and body.

The Six Basic Principles That Govern My Work

1. Holism 
The principle of intrinsic inter-connection and inter-relation. Holism (From the Greek word meaning all, whole, entire, total) is the idea that the properties of a given system cannot be determined or explained by its component parts alone. Instead, the system as a whole determines how the parts behave and it is the inter-relationships and mutual influences between the components that determine the whole system’s functioning.

Holism in healing: investigating the cause of disease requires that all five major aspects of the human being ( physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & environmental) be evaluated and addressed. Particular combinations and the effect each factor has on a given condition must be assessed within the individual context.
2. The Vital Force
As demonstrated by Quantum theory, at its most fundamental level, all matter is energy. This vital energy animates the physical organism and maintains harmonious functioning Disease, is a physical manifestation of the underlying energetic derangement. It is a means for making the energetic derangement known by expressing physical symptoms in a language which is an accurate  reflection of mental and emotional elements and not the cause of them.
The vital life force is primary to matter, therefore uprooting disease from its core source must address the energetic level.

Energy derangement can be caused by many factors but the most common are:
  1. Significant mental, emotional or physical trauma
  2. Negative, self defeating Beliefs and thought patterns
  3. Emotional suppression
3. Human Dynamics Occur From The Inside Out
The inter-relationship between the 4 main aspects of the human entity: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are ordered in typical hierarchy reflecting principles of life preservation, thus, moving from the primary origin of life ( energy) to its physical manifestation.

In the spiritual sense, the physical body is the least important to the preservation of life because the spiritual realm exists independent of time and space. The physical body is a temporary form whose sole purpose is to provide the spiritual aspect a place to evolve therefore human dynamics occur from the inside out. The origin of disease is found in the deeper, more fundamental, internal aspects which support or prevent the creation of an internal environment in which disease can develop.

 Healing only the physical body addresses only the final result. True healing must address disease at its core levels which is in the Spiritual, emotional and mental realms.
If the body’s healing mechanisms are strong enough, once the energy derangement is resolved and internal harmony is restored, using its self-healing mechanism, the body will restore physical wellness to the highest possible state.

4.Physiological Self-Healing Mechanisms
Given the proper conditions, the body has the intelligence and ability to re-balance itself and restore health. Creating a healthy mental and emotional environment as well as re-establishing healthy energy flow are crucial for establishing the inner conditions needed for healthy functioning of the body’s self-healing mechanisms.  
5.The Principle of Personal Evolution 
In accordance with the basic tendency of nature to constantly evolve, the purpose of life is to evolve internally. Personal evolution implies changes in the vibrational  level of our energy fields as well as a constant expansion of our ability to bring forth and express our full personal potential.

 Energy compatibility facilitates relationships, events and other circumstances that reflect our internal state, therefore holding the potential of guiding us to what need needs to change internally for us to evolve. Vibrational shifts introduce potential for more fulfillment, better self expression and improved health.
 Disease is an accurate manifestation of our internal state intended to guide us to the aspects of ourselves that need modification and healing. Mastering and addressing the language of symptoms as metaphoric reflections of spiritual, mental and emotional derangement  is at the core of my approach to healing.

6.Emotional Healing
Emotions have a profound and direct influence on both the energetic and physical bodies.
On a purely physiological level, scientific research has proven that the body is a psychosomatic information network. Neuro-peptides are the bio-chemicals of emotions and they are distributed throughout the body. The body is the unconscious mind. Emotional expression is always connected to the flow of certain neuro-peptides in the body therefore chronic emotional repression causes massive disturbance to the psychosomatic network.
Repressed trauma caused by high emotional intensity is stored in the body and can influence the function and sensation in the related area.

Emotional experiences are created in the nervous system by translating the emotional stimuli into sensations called “Feelings” or “experiences” which are actually physical sensations. Avoiding unpleasant sensations is the main cause of emotional repression and of many dysfunctional behaviors such as eating disorders, addictions, depression and others which create distractions from the initial sensation.

The energy system is extremely sensitive to emotional fluctuation. Emotional intensity and trauma are one of the main causes of disturbance to healthy energy flow. Emotions are registered in the energy body and unless de-charged, continue to cause disturbance and symptoms long after the initial emotional wound.

Emotional healing is crucial for physical health and must address past emotional wounds as well as integrating healthy ways of dealing with emotions. These new healthy ways of dealing with emotions involve learning tools for allowing sensations to exist in the body so that bio-chemical and neurological disturbances are prevented. These tools re-direct emotional processing to the nervous system which prevents accumulation of emotional build up at the cellular level. This ensures free energy flow and healthier body functioning.

The Main Therapeutic Methods I Use
1. The Bach Flower diagnostic system and remedies

2. Homeopathy theory and remedies

3. Body symbology

4. De-Chraging Emotional Impact of Core-Source Events 

This is a very specific visualization process, which de-charges negative emotional charge from unpleasant memories, the purpose of which is to cause emotionally charged memories to become more neutral. Once emotionally charged memories become neutral they stop affecting the body negatively.

Neutral memory- if I ask you to recall what you had for breakfast today.
if during that meal you were notified of a loved one's passing away  

5.Healthy Emotional Self-Management Skills
This means healthy ways of dealing with negative emotions, conflict situations and other life stresses and challenges. Given that unpleasant situations are part of life, and will continue to be so, if you know how to deal with them resourcefully , they will not accumulate in the body and will not jeopardize your health. 

6. Behavior Modification and Self- Management Skills

My Clinical Approach
I strongly believe in the power of self healing but also believe that in most cases people need support and guidance to connect to their inner healing capacity.
My approach is compassionate, receptive and intuitive, providing a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment for the exploration of the self.

Using gentle methods of reflection and empowerment, the healing interaction provokes insights that encourage people to take charge of their life and health condition and inspire the release of  restrictive mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. Habitual defenses and coping mechanisms are replaced by an approach that embraces the challenges of life as positive opportunities for growth and change.

Through dialogue, supported by energetic remedies and energy healing methods, inner conflict and unhealthy emotions such as fear, anger, pain, grief, sorrow and shame are transformed and new ways of being in the world and experiencing the self are integrated.

The healing process is a fascinating exploration of the inner realms of body, mind and soul. It expands the perception and experience of the self and facilitates an awakening of the true self.  It is this awakening, along with new inner alignment and realization of one’s authentic potential that promotes true healing of the whole being.

1 Dr. Edward Bach: Founder of the Bach Flower Remedy Method.
2Dr. Candice Pert: research professor in the department of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown Medical Center in Washington, D.C.
3Dr. Samuel Hahnemann: Founder of Homeopathy
4Dr. Wilhelm Reich:  Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, who identified a cosmic energy, which he called "orgone".