My Prescribing Method

The memory of myself struggling with personal issues at the beginning of my healing career is still fresh in my mind. I was captivated by Dr. Bach’s philosophy and remedies and was confident that this method was going to end all my suffering and resolve all my conflicts and all I needed to do was to take the remedies as prescribed. It felt much like winning the lottery.

I was very dedicated and never missed a dose.  I took the remedies and waited patiently for the remedies to make the changes for me which they did to a certain extent. As I was feeling much better, I started forgetting to take the remedies, which according to Dr. Bach is a sign that they have exhausted their effect.  Gradually without really noticing, I stopped taking them.

 My improved feeling lasted for a certain amount of time but after a while I noticed that I was falling back on my old emotional and mental habits. At that time it seemed that in order to preserve the changes, I would need to keep on taking the remedies for the rest of my life. That didn’t seem like a realistic or desirable option.

I started researching and later studied the principles of the mind and realized that although the core source of our ailments is in the subtle energy body, the conscious and unconscious minds have a very specific relationship between them and that all our responses and behavior patterns are neurologically represented.

Considering the overwhelming power of conditioning and habit, it became clear to me that personality related behaviors are not only deeply-rooted in both physical and psychological mechanisms but also reflect deeply integrated coping mechanisms. Although the tremendous support the remedies provide, addressing only the obvious symptoms, without addressing the underlying themes is insufficient to create long term change.

I started supporting the personality type remedies I was taking with behavior modification techniques addressing the fundamental underlying belief systems and emotional wounds. The results were impressive. The remedies supported the process making it more accessible, more efficient and quicker but simultaneously I was developing healthier self management skills that could be applied without depending only on the remedies. I was gaining freedom and It felt like I was on to something significant.

I started integrating advanced intake and case analysis skills to my clinical work. I started supporting the healing process initiated by the remedies by teaching my clients how to reveal their authentic truth and how to replace old and unhealthy patterns, often not their own, with empowering self- management skills, designed according to their specific personality type.  My clinical results were improving by the case.

 After 25 years experience with hands-on healing, I have developed a comprehensive approach to case intake, case analysis and prescribing for personality related imbalances that extends far beyond the immediate symptoms, seeking to identify the fundamental motives and address them as such.

Although there are situations in which symptomatic, mood state prescribing is called for, the discernment  is based on a broad understanding of the person and their disturbance and is something I always discuss with my patients.