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 Heal Your Body , Relieve Chronic Pain, Restore Vitality, Happiness & Health And Become the Master of Your Life! 
"Having read so many self-help books and attending numerous personal growth workshops, I couldn’t figure out why my life was still stuck in a rut. In Unleashing The Healthy – Self  Boutique Online Program I discovered how limiting my beliefs were, what tremendous inner conflict I was in and how my emotions were working against me. Once I mastered what was going on inside me and learned how to manage my inner world resourcefully- my life got back on track including a health condition that miraculously resolved !"  Aviva Shiloh

This Could be Your Success Story Too!

After having healed myself of severe Psoriasis by transforming limiting self-beliefs and negative emotions, it was clear to me that my life mission was to heal others.

With 30 years' experience, as healer, educator, speaker and author I consolidated my best insights and therapeutic tools and created a boutique online program so that anyone, anywhere on the planet can heal their life and transform their health.

I realize that you've probably read every self-help book on the market, been to workshops, courses and individual consultations that may or may not have helped you resolve your health issues and the challenges your face in your life. 

Like many others, you may have been disappointed by big promises that failed to come through.
I know how that feels because I was there too.
In the field of healing and personal growth, one-for-all formulas just don’t work. Although Internal processes have principles that can be learned application must be tailored with utmost accuracy to meet individual needs and priorities. 

For that reason, I created a program that gives you the individual accommodations, guidance and support you need to make it work! 

** Unleashing The Healthy – Self **
 Online Program

1.You will be free of the negative impact of past emotional trauma that is stored in your body,
creating physical symptoms

2.You will be free of limiting subconscious emotional patterns, causing you to

recycle unpleasant experiences, so you automatically create new, healthy experiences.

3.You will transform subconscious automatic coping mechanisms, that cause you

to respond at present as if you're in the past, so you handle your life challenges

easily and effectively 

4.You will learn the symbolic language of the body so you know how to translate

your physical symptoms to their equivalent emotional themes 

5.You'll have resourceful beliefs that effortlessly create happiness, vitality and health

6.You'll have effective stress management tools so you deal resourcefully with

negative emotions and conflict situations

7.You will live by your truth, so you create a life that suits you and fulfills your needs 

8.You will have a plan of action for implementing the principles and tools you

learned in the program in everyday situations, so you maintain your achievements long after the program 


How Will You Benefit From The Program?