Philosophical Background

*All Quotes in this section are from Heal Thyself/ Dr. Edward Bach
ŸAt their most fundamental level, human beings are composed of three main aspects: the soul, the mind and the physical body.

ŸThe soul is the real Self that "as far as we will allow, ever guides, protects and encourages us, watchful and beneficent to lead us always for our utmost advantage."

The soul is the divinity that resides inside us, an aspect of the higher, intelligent, universal energy, therefore is invincible and immortal.

ŸThe mind represents all that is acquired through conditioning and education. The mind therefore reflects specific cultural, social and other environmental influences that shape our belief systems about ourselves, others and the universe around us.

ŸThe physical body is the material aspect of ourselves, manifested in anatomical structures. The soul and mind reside in the physical body.
ŸAs long as our Soul and mind are in harmony, all is joy, peace, happiness and health. It is when our mind and soul are in conflict, due to our own worldly desires or by force of external persuasion or conditioning, that disease can develop. This is the main source of disease and unhappiness.
The purpose of life is to gain "all the knowledge and experience which can be obtained through earthly existence, to develop virtues which we lack thus advancing ourselves towards the perfection of our nature and realization our fullest human potential." This implies that self- evolution is in fact a process in which the Self is expanded to bring forth and realize more and more aspects of the Self.

The principle of unity: "The creator of all things is love. Everything of which we are conscious is in all its infinite number of forms a manifestation of the Love, whether it’s a planet or a pebble, a star, a dewdrop, man or the lowest form of life."
Separation from the main source is impossible because when an offshoot of the source is disconnected from the source it ceases to exist. "Thus any action against ourselves or against another affects the whole, because by causing imperfection in a part it reflects on the whole, every particle of which must ultimately become perfect".

ŸThe two fundamental states that cause disease are disassociation between the mind and the soul and harming oneself or others.

ŸBy manifesting the inner conflict using the physical body, disease guides us to what needs healing in ourselves or our lives, with the intention of re-aligning the mind with the Soul's will and as such is in itself beneficial.

Ÿ"The very part of the body affected is no accident, but is in accordance with the laws of cause and effect, and again will be a guide to help us". The body guides us by creating symptoms that mimic and as such reflect the specific inner conflicts that need healing.

Ÿ"The primary diseases of man are pride, cruelty,, hate, self-love, ignorance, instability and greed and each of these, if considered will be found to adverse unity."
Ÿ"In the development of Universal Love within ourselves, we must learn to realize more and more that every human being, however lowly, is a son of the Creator and that one day and in due time he will advance to perfection, just as we all hope to do."

Ÿ"The question of right or wrong, of good or evil, is purely relative."

Ÿ"The physician of the future will have two main aims. The first will be to assist the patient to a knowledge of himself and to point out to him the fundamental mistakes he may be making, the deficiencies in his character which he should remedy, and the defects in his nature which must be eradicated and replaced by corresponding virtues… The second duty will be to administer such remedies as will help the physical body to gain strength and assist the mind to become calm, widen its outlook and strive towards perfection, thus bringing peace and harmony to the whole person".

Ÿ" When the fault is found the remedy lies not in a battle again this and not is use of will power and energy to suppress a wrong, but in a steady development of the opposite virtue…. To struggle against a fault increases its power and keeps our attention riveted on its presence."

Ÿ"We must develop our individuality and free ourselves from all worldly influences so that obeying only the dictates of our own soul and unmoved by circumstances or other people we become our own masters"