Self-Love-The Silent Healer

Self-love is a big issue in spiritual awakening and healing processes and yet so many people experience such vast and all-encompassing self-condemnation, some to the degree of complete emotional and functional paralysis. 

Given the bio-chemical connection between emotions and the body, its only logical that feeling good about yourself supports the body and negative feelings directed towards the self weakens the body.

So why is it that so many of us just can’t find the inner light that illuminates all that is beautiful, worthy and self-empowering?

This question can be addressed in many different ways using various sets of analysis tools, derived from a variety of disciplines that have contemplated it.
Trying to zoom in on the essentials, it seems to me that within the whirlpool of conditioning, modeling and other socio-cultural norms, there are 2 very fundamental aspects that need to be clarified before a significant shift can be made.
The first is the question:”What is self-love?”
The second question is :How does self-love differ from egoism?”

Self love is the pride in being alive and in who you are. Being proud that you are who you are gives rise to the determination to care for your needs because they’re important enough in your own eyes to be cared for. You’re important enough, to yourself, to do that.

Self pride affects the choices you inevitably make as you walk the paths of life because when you’re proud of who you are you don’t choose occupations, relationships or any other life situation that dishonors who you are. You intrinsically are drawn to situations that inspire and support you.

As powerful and extensive as self-pride is, its also a very calm, serene and quiet state of being. When you accept that you’re a soul on a journey of self-evolution you accept your imperfections because you know that they are what stimulate the process of evolvement. Without them there would be no need for evolution and that is not possible.

Taking pride in who you are is not a state of battle or competition between you and others. It requires no effort , no explanation, no justification. Acknowledging that your soul chose the path of physical being as a means of growth is enough justification in itself.

Self-love has nothing to do with egoism because its not a state of the ego. Its has nothing to do with being better, deserving more or taking  a larger share of the cake of life. Self-love is not in any type of dialogue with other people because it has no interests other than in being, awakening and evolving.

Appreciating the beautiful self you are, is probably one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself.
As Dr. Bernie Siegel said many years ago:” One's attitude towards oneself is the single most important factor in healing and staying well.”