The Inner Story Healing Model

Anchored in hard-core science and based on 30 years experience healing individuals suffering from a wide range of health conditions, The Inner Story Healing Model takes inner healing to the next level.

The Inner story model has 2 sections.
The first section addresses the need to identify the existing inner story,
( you can't transform something you're not fully clear on).
That's the story that is creating your current health condition. 

The second section addresses the need to transform the existing inner story.
That includes a specific process that releases the effect of past emotional trauma and how to create a new inner story, based on what serves you at present and that supports your health goals.

What makes the inner story model so much more effective than other healing methods?

1.Accuracy – the model enables accurate identification of the specific emotional issues associated with specific health conditions out of the numerous emotional issues you went through in your life. Accurately identifying what needs healing creates very accurate healing processes that hit the issues on the dot and achieve outstanding results. 

2.Focus – Given how accurate the identification and healing processes are, you don’t waste time addressing issues that are unrelated to the specific health condition you want to resolve

3.Structure – the model is extremely structured so that the process is organized and ordered

4.Monitoring – its easy to monitor your advancement in the process so you know what you have achieved in relation to the starting point. That's very unique because in many introspective processes, you never really know where you're at or where're going. The ability to monitor your advancement is a huge advantage.

5.Time Effective: accuracy and focus shorten the overall time span of the process. Your issues are resolved in a relatively short time period in comparison to other healing methods.

6.Cost Effective : shorter healing processes mean less cost.
We all want that- don’t we?

What is an inner story?
Inner stories are stories or narratives, we tell ourselves about ourselves, about life, about the world and about any other element in our life.

Unlike biographies that summarize the FACTS of one's life story, the inner story is a subjective story that reflects one's personal interpretation of the facts. In fact, in most cases, inner stories have very little factual base to them at all.

For example:  a client who came to me with an inner story about how unloved she was as a child and how her family, basically neglected her needs. That was her SUBJECTIVE experience. Then, one day, she was talking about her brothers and sisters and how THEY always felt that she was the family favorite and how jealous they were of her. All my alert bells went off. I asked her if she had ever noticed the discrepancy between HER experience as being unloved and her brother's experience of her being the family favorite - she never had. That in itself was a huge Aha moment for her, because it demonstrated how subjective her experience was. 

Over time, Inner stories become a type of identity. They color the way we perceive and experience anything and everything in our life, therefore they determine the way our life unfolds, including in regard to our health condition.  You could say that our inner biographies become our biology.

Inner stories are created as we try to make sense of what's going on in our life. Its very much like coloring books where you have numbered dots, and when you draw lines from one dot to the other according to the numbers you end up with a drawing. So you start out with scattered dots and by connecting the dots in a certain order, you end up with a coherent drawing of something. 

That's exactly what the brain does with our significant life experiences. Experiences are equivalent to dots in coloring books. Instead of drawing lines, the brains uses our interpretation of those events to tie them together, creating, what seems to us, a coherent story. In doing so, the brain focuses on certain aspects, often filtering out significant, hard-core facts.

Inner stories address who you are, what you believe about life, your abilities, what you can strive for and expect and many other topics relevant to what you experience in life, including your health condition.

If your inner stories are stories of success, prosperity and health- so will be your reality.

If your inner stories are full of drama and tragedy- so will be your reality.
Are you beginning to see why its crucial that you identify and transform your limiting inner stories?

The Inner Story Healing Model- FREE Lecture 

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