The Remedies In Short

Agrimony: Those who hide worries behind a brave face.

Aspen; Apprehension for no known reason.

Beech: Critical and intolerance of others.

Centaury: Weak willed, exploited or imposed upon.

Cerato: Those who doubt their own judgment, seeking confirmation from others.

Cherry Plum: Uncontrolled irrational thoughts.

Chestnut Bud: Refuses to learn from experience, repeats the same mistakes.

Chicory: Over possessive, clinging and over-protective especially of loved ones.

Clematis: Inattentive, dreamy, absent -minded.

Crab Apple: The "cleanser", self- disgust, ashamed of ailments.

Elm: Overwhelmed by inadequacy and responsibility.

Gentian: Despondency.

Gorse: Pessimism, defeatism.

Heather: Talkative, obsessed with own troubles and experiences.

Holly: Hatred, anger, envy, jealousy, suspicion.

Honeysuckle: Lives in the past, nostalgic.

Hornbeam: "Monday morning feeling" procrastination.

Impatiens: Impatience, irritability.

Larch: Lack of self-confidence.

Mimulus: Fear of known things.

Mustard: Depression for no known reason.

Oak: Normally strong but no longer able to struggle against adversity.

Olive: Fatigue, drained of energy.

Pine: Guilt.

Red Chestnut: Obsessed by concern for others.

Rock Rose: Panic.

Rock Water: Rigid minded, self- denying.

Scleranthus: Indecision.

Star Of Bethlehem: Shock, trauma.

Sweet Chestnut: Absolute dejection.

Vervain: Over-enthusiasm, fanatical beliefs.

Vine: Domineering, tyrannical.

Walnut: Assists in times of transition.

Water Violet: Proud, reserved, arrogant.

White Chestnut: Persistent, unwanted thoughts.

Wild Oat: Helps clarify one's intended path in life.

Wild Rose: Resignation, apathy.

Willow: Resentment.