Theoretical Background

Emotional healing addresses past, present and future emotional responses and states. By freeing the energy system of emotionally related blockages, a more balanced inner environment is created, supporting the body to restore health.

Emotions and The Body
Scientific research demonstrates that emotions affect the body through bio-chemical and neurological connections. The body is a psychosomatic information network. Repressed trauma caused by high emotional intensity is stored in the body and can influence the function and sensation in the related area. 

Past Emotional Trauma
Emotional trauma is registered in the energy field and stored in the body. As long as the trauma remains emotionally charged it will continue to be stored in the body’s tissues and create symptoms, no matter how much time elapsed since the original trauma. Disease can be associated with traumas that occurred tens of years before the onset of physical symptoms. Time is not a criteria and time doesn’t heal.
The main goal in healing past emotional wounds is to identify the specific traumas associated with a specific condition and release the emotional charge.
Releasing Emotional Charge
Emotional charge determines your response to the memory of an event. Emotionally charged memories cause active emotional responses when recalled, where as neutral Memories don’t.
When you recall a painful event, tears come to your eye and the original emotions surface. This indicates that the memory is still emotionally charged. When you recall neutral memories, there are no emotions attached to the memory. 

If you think about what you ate for breakfast,  providing that it was pleasant and satisfactory , you will be able to remember what you ate but you won’t experience any particular emotions.
If you found a worm in your salad which caused disgust, you will re-experience a sense of disgust when you re-call the memory.

Addressing Present and Future Emotions
Different people respond differently to life situations. To a great extent this is connected to their personality type, belief systems and values.
Addressing present emotional response patterns involves 4 aspects:

1.Identifying individual, unhealthy response mechanisms 
2.Identifying personality type profile, belief systems and values 
3. Integrating new, resourceful response mechanisms
4. Supporting the above changes by activating the energy system to shift vibration
 Emotions and The Energy Field
The energy field is inter-connected to emotions. Emotions affect the energy system by creating energy blockages but are also affected by the energy field by reflecting specific vibrational levels.

By releasing past emotional trauma, integrating new resourceful emotional response mechanisms and activating the energy system to shift vibration, this work takes people out of their old emotional realm which doesn’t serve them and places them in a new vibrational level that supports new resourceful patterns.

Supporting changes in belief systems, values and other behavioral habitual patterns with energetic vibrational shifts ensures the integration of the new patterns and prevents re-laps.

Body Symbology
As it strives for balance, the energy system, hosted in the physical body, uses the anatomical structures as a means to make whatever blockages that are preventing help be known.
To facilitate this information, the energy system creates symptoms that mimic the internal patterns that need to be healed. The underlying energetic and emotional information is conveyed using physical equivalents and metaphoric language. This is called body symbology.   
“When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self-acting ( automatic ) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbid agent inimical to life…..that is by morbid symptoms, and in no other way can it make itself known”  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

The body symbology system provides an extremely accurate way of identifying the emotional themes and conflicts that need to be addressed to restore health.

For Example
Physical symptoms involving restraint
n example of this would be constipation. In this case, parallel inner patterns will involve restraint as well. Physical restraint is metaphorically translated into the emotional parallel. People who suffer from constipation tend to use repression as a main coping mechanism and hold everything they feel inside. Emotional restraint is reflected in physical restraint.
Physical symptoms involving excess growth (as in tumors). In this case parallel inner pattern will involve the accumulation of negative emotions. These residues are reflected in excess physical activity.

Body symbology is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. It is a complementary system of evaluation which interprets physiological information based on body-mind connections.

The Bach Flower Method
The Bach Flower remedy system was developed by Dr. Edward Bach, immunologist and bacteriologist and researcher of body-mind connections. This method includes 38 remedies that address the energetic frequencies of specific mental, emotional and behavioral patterns.
 By addressing these patterns at their core source, the Bach Flower remedies are extremely effective in supporting emotional healing.


Emotional healing is crucial for restoring physical health. Physical symptoms and conditions, always have an emotional and energetic aspect to them because matter at its fundamental level is energy and emotions directly affect energy. Clinical evidence demonstrates that releasing past emotional trauma and integrating resourceful emotional response mechanisms, provides the body with the inner environment necessary to establish physical health. Therefore emotional healing should be incorporated into any and all medical and /or complementary protocols.