What Clients Are Saying 

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"Many people think that they won't be able to do one of these sessions.
 That it will be hard or emotional. Nothing coul be farther from the truth.
 The bottom line is that it works!" 
"Joan is an absolutely amazing therapist, who helped me to overcome the trauma of being raped at age 7.  She knows how to help patients get over their pain and heal, using the latest innovative methods." Rachel
"I came to you discouraged, as last resort. I was suffering from post-trauma following a severe auto accident that created a complex emotional situation.
My first experience was your shining light. I immediately felt safe and connected in a way I can’t explain…
You asked many question I had no answer for. In your determined yet gentle way, reading me in-between the lines you succeeded in getting right to the core source so that you could prepare an accurate and very effective Bach Flower remedy for me.
In only 6 sessions I transformed from a state of total lack of motivation, mainly lying in bed all day, back to life, full of vitality and energy.
I am extremely grateful for what you’ve been to me and that I found you at such a crucial time in my life."  Ronit
"There is something very accurate in this therapy. Very tangible changes occur even though  I didn’t necessarily understand how they occur. I have done a lot of therapy in my life and I’m good at avoiding direct confrontation with my issues. You wouldn’t let me get away. You kept  digging deep with no compromises. Its not easy but your dedication and focus appealed to me and the results are apparent." Ora
"Given that I recognize that emotional support is an important aspect of the healing process, when I was diagnosed with cancer I wanted emotional support.  When I came to Joan, I was skeptical because I had no past experience and didn’t know what to expect. The process I went through was amazing. Joan helped me do significant introspective work. Once the main emotional wound was addressed, I experienced tranquility, clarity and tremendous strength. Thank you!" Michal 
"In past therapy my attitude was “You save me”! I’ll help the best I can. This time I wanted to understand if I was destined to be lonely and isolated and if that’s the case to learn to accept my fate. I came willing to be responsible for myself and to look into myself with sincerity and openness. In the beginning I mainly wanted to get things out. Joan was extremely attentive and empathetic with not even the slightest criticism. With that, she asked very focused and accurate questions that helped me unravel my inner entanglements and realize the huge influence I have over my life. Now that the changes are happening, I feel that a new life is in the making. I acknowledge that change is in my power and I’m making all effort to create a life I love living." Ofra   
"Thanks to the therapy I understood that my emotional pain started in childhood. As a child I felt unloved and unimportant. Once I accepted my family, realizing that they loved me in their own way, something shifted in my body. It is very clear to me that I don’t have fibromyalgia anymore. I benefited twice: I got my family back and I also got my health back!" Orit      
"I was confused and needed to reorganize myself. I wanted to open my heart and change some of my limiting beliefs so that I could to move into a better place in my life.
Soon after the onset of therapy I noticed that many of my concerns, fears and inner blockages had fallen away and I started experiencing significant relief. During the time I was in therapy, amazing things happened in my life so that feeling good became an every day experience. Joan is extremely experienced, patient, smart and full of humor. Even when I challenged her with complex conflicts, she always knew how to show me a new, more placated perspective. I’m grateful that I followed my intuition and started therapy with Joan. Thanks for everything”. Idan 
"There is no question that meeting you had a significant impact on my life and health. It was an experience of being freed of an inner jail I was unaware of." Galit

"I want to thank you for your guidance that helped me transform many unhealthy habits. I found that your approach to healing is easy to understand and apply. Given that I am a "good student" and determined to change inner patterns that don’t serve me, I apply the guidelines you gave accurately on a day to day basis. There is amazing improvement!
Thank you!" Ariela

"I was confused. I wanted to find clarity, open my heart and transform some of my thinking patterns in order to experience more inner peace. Soon after the onset of treatment, I could sense that fears were dissolving, blockages were opening and a clearly immense sense of relief was being established. Throughout the entire treatment period, many wonderful things happened in my life. I experienced much more positivity. Joan is extremely experienced. She is patient, wise and has a great sense of humor. No matter how complex the issues were, she always found a placated perspective so that with her help, everything seemed much more easy to deal with. I'm grateful for having her as my healing guide. Thank you Joan for everything.  Idan
 “I’ve been noticing so many new things… I’ve been saying things that I never used to say, mainly not willing to jeopardize my truth. Amazing !”  Miki P.
 “As someone who processes everything through the mind and needs everything to be logical, intellectually understood and preferably scientifically based, I found myself in a fascinating, very moving process that both required and facilitated real change.” Maya K.
 "I was a mother determined to find help for my son suffering from post traumatic shock. With emotional wounds recent and raw he was not willing to talk with anyone outside family. Even though she was on the other side of the world I thought of Joan and decided she may be able to help. Following each of two sessions, with no interaction on my son's part, I noticed marked improvement in his attitude after three months of no progress." Eileen M.
 "Throughout the period when I was going through severe anxiety attacks the sessions and specifically the Bach Flower remedies helped me considerably to relax and maintain a sense of control over my life". Dorit
 "I  was in treatment for over a year and for the most part was very skeptical. With that I was very pleased with the results and had to admit the connection to the sessions. Since then I have recommended this type of therapy to many of my friends and also took the training course. It was one of the most beautiful gifts that I could have given myself."  Michal S.
 "I  was angry, uptight and suffered from a combination of physical symptoms. Most of all I was skeptical. When I had to choose between surgery or taking plant based remedies, I chose the remedies believing that I would live to regret the financial investment.  I started feeling change very quickly. I cancelled the surgery and continued the treatment to full recovery. As an former skeptic , when I come across skeptics I warmly recommend they simply give it a try."  Iris E.
 "In the process I went through I started relating to emotions as tools that I can use to get better acquainted with myself and then promote change. I realized that all the unpleasant emotions I experienced in the past were not as monstrous as I thought. In fact they were useful because they helped me distinguish between what is suitable verses unsuitable for me." Adi M.
 "Thanks to the treatment I understand the connection between my physical and emotional states. I learned how to respond, act and relate differently to my emotions. Although I was very skeptical, I took Bach Flower remedies. Now I think that the remedies combined with the self- reflective journey I did is what created the remarkable results." Gila
 "I was barely functioning, heavily medicated, and had an almost nil quality of life. I sought help everywhere, but neither conventional nor alternative medicine had any solutions for my problems. Being skeptical by nature, it took serious bargaining to get my consent to give the process a fair chance. During a period of some 18 months I was gently coaxed (but firmly pushed) out of my comfort zone, to learn about the processes that govern my life and my body. Since then, my health has improved, crippling symptoms now gone, and I have the freedom to pursue whatever happiness awaits ahead." Haim B.
 "The sessions with Joan seemed, at first free-flow, but then I realized that she was guiding the conversation in a very specific way. I got insights I had never, ever had before – not in over 20 years of exploring my condition in various ways."
"Joan prescribed a Bach Flower remedy, and gave me the clarity to release pursuits that do not serve me. My stress levels are way down. I’m able to approach big stressors  with a sense of power, rather than fear and hopelessness."
"Working with Joan is a calming experience in and of itself. I highly recommend Joan to anyone who is coping with compulsive, addictive behaviors. She can give you the keys to unlock your own inner healing power." Esti  T.

 “In one session with one or two carefully chosen questions Joan guided me to a finer and more nuanced understanding of myself, my principal problem and its possible solution. Joan's sympathy and empathy allied to a deep knowledge and understanding of the human condition has helped me in both my personal and professional lives. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough.” Anthony C.
I suffered from prostate problems for many years. After removing the prostate surgically, the doctors said that it would take many months, to heal, if I would heal at all. With Joan's guidance, the problems resolved within a month or two. Today I'm free, even better than I was before surgery.
I understood that I needed to take care and look after Itzhak and that he's more important than other people. Even though that statement is said often, it wasn't applied I guess. Now I pay attention to Itzhak and do things that he wants- not someone else.  Itzhak E.      
 I suffered from Migraines all my life, terrible headaches. My whole life I was told that there is no solution but I believed that there is a non-medical solution. I started looking for solutions pertaining to me and who I am. After I went through the process – its amazing. First of all many things in me changed. I feel much happier . The Migraines stopped completely. I can say that during the past few years I don’t think about them and I had no attacks – they just disappeared. My whole life I thought that I'm not good and not talented enough. When people told me that what I did was good and exciting I was sure that they were just trying to be polite, that they didn’t really mean it and that nobody really believes that I can do something. I gradually started releasing of all the theories I had about myself. I discovered a totally new "Me" that is happy and likes people, a "Me" that likes to interact and perform - far from being shy.  Ariel T. 
 I was a fat child and fat teenager. I was fat my whole life. I understood that eating is a substitute for expressing my truth. Once I connected to myself, I lost weight easily and all my health issues resolved – no blood pressure and no shortness of breath! I felt so bad about my excess weight that every time someone said that I was pretty I was sure that they were laughing at me. Once I understood that all my negative thoughts were not mine, once I connected to my authenticity- all my problems resolved!
Nofia G. 
 When I was 37 years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The story was complex because my situation was such that the doctors didn’t give me a chance to live. A doctor said that I arrived too late and basically sent me home to die. During the treatment period I was supported by healing, I was in all kinds of support groups that helped me get through that period and I went to Joan as well. Many things like fear, anxiety, loss of control - all the things that I had in my life that accompanied me, simply disappeared from my life. I left cancer behind, 20 years ago. I'm not afraid of getting cancer any more. I feel like a new person. Orna S.

"It gave me a lot of confidence that even if I do things differently than others -
That's what's right for me"
"Everybody has issues. Its definitely not an embarassment to ask for help"
"There was significant improvement from one session to the other,
all the way to full recovery"
"I came to Joan upset. I identified the pattern that kept showing up,
I received a Bach Flower remedy, in 3 days my blood values doubled
and I could start the treatment as planned"
"The tool of identifying what affected me and then disengaging is amazing"
"The idea of examining what my needs are is totally new. I'm simply not the same person" 
"As the process unfolded, the fears dispersed to the point of release and full relaxation.
I felt that it was extremely accurate!"